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About the Artist Greg Cassell
     Greg Cassell, a native of Florida's Space Coast since 1966, embodies the coastal lifestyle both under the sun and beneath the waves. With a deep-rooted passion for marine conservation, Greg has dedicated his career to global water pollution control efforts, safeguarding precious waterways and shorelines.
      As the founder of Florida Fish Mounts, Greg channels his love for the sea into his artistic endeavors, capturing and preserving the essence of each catch through high-quality airbrushing techniques. With an unwavering commitment to showcasing the true beauty of every fish, Greg ensures that each taxidermy mount is a masterpiece to be cherished for years to come.
     Driven by a dedication to excellence, Greg meticulously crafts each saltwater and freshwater mount with meticulous attention to detail. Utilizing the finest fiberglass castings made in Florida (not China), he preserves every nuance of the catch, ensuring unparalleled realism. His intricate painting process, involving multiple meticulous steps and the use of automotive-grade paints and polyurethane clear coatings, guarantees not only lifelike accuracy but also long-lasting durability.
     Whether showcasing on the walls of your home, office, outdoor bar, or any other space, Greg's fiberglass fish taxidermy serve as both a testament to the thrill of the catch and a unique decorative statement. With Greg Cassell's artistic touch, preserve your fishing memories in style and bring the beauty of the ocean into your surroundings. Reach out to us with images of your catch, and let artist Greg Cassell meticulously replicate it for your catch.
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