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Gag Grouper

Capture the essence of the deep sea with our Fiberglass Gag Grouper Fish Mount, meticulously hand-painted by artist Greg Cassell. With its robust body and striking markings, the Gag Grouper embodies the rugged beauty of its underwater habitat, lurking among coral reefs and rocky outcrops. Whether you've battled the waves to reel in this prized catch or simply admire its majestic presence, our mount is the perfect homage to the thrill of fishing. Designed for both indoor and outdoor display, it's sure to become a captivating conversation piece in any setting, evoking fond memories of days spent on the water. Contact us today for shipping arrangements and discover how our Gag Grouper mount can add a touch of marine splendor to your home décor.

Fiberglass Taxidermy Full Fish Mount Back View
Taxidermy Fiberglass Fish Mount Back View
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