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Transform your living space with our exquisite Fiberglass Snakehead Fish Mounts, meticulously crafted by renowned artist Greg Cassell. Available at just $9 per inch for a half mount or $15 per inch for a full mount, each piece is brought to life with vibrant automotive paint and a shiny polyurethane clear coat, ensuring durability and stunning visual appeal. Whether displayed indoors or outdoors, these mounts serve as captivating showpieces, allowing you to proudly showcase your unique catch. Simply send us a picture of your prized Snakehead Fish, and our skilled artist will replicate it with impeccable detail. Worried about logistics? Contact us, and we'll handle all shipping arrangements, ensuring your extraordinary catch arrives safely. Elevate your décor with our Snakehead Fish Mounts today and add a touch of wild elegance to your home.

Taxidermy Fiberglass Replication Fish Mount Full Mount Back View
Taxidermy Fibgerglass Fish Mount Replication Half Mount Back View
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