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Spadefish Fish Mount

Transform your space with the striking beauty of a Spadefish Fish Mount from Florida Fish Mounts. Known for their distinct, flat bodies and bold, vertical stripes, Spadefish make an eye-catching display piece that adds a touch of marine elegance to any setting. Expertly crafted by artist Greg Cassell, each mount captures the lifelike detail and unique features of this fascinating species. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor décor, our Spadefish mounts are available in both full and half mounts. Select below for sizes and pricing, and contact us for availability of unlisted sizes and current shipping rates. For a personalized touch, send us a picture of your catch for exact replication. Bring the allure of the ocean into your home or office with a stunning Spadefish Fish Mount today!

Back View of Full and Half Mount Fiberglass Taxidermy Fish Mounts by artist Greg Cassell F
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