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Transform your home with our Fiberglass Stingray Fish Mount, available at just $9 an inch for the natural style shown. The 27-inch mount featured is a stunning example, but we offer various sizes to suit your space. For a unique twist, check out our custom section where artist Greg Cassell's creativity shines through with Stingrays painted with flames and other striking designs. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and bring a piece of the ocean's beauty into your décor!

Stingray half mount made of fiberglass and painted with an airbrush by artist Greg Cassell at Taxidermy Florida Fish Mount Fiberglass Replca
This is the back view of half and full mounts of fiberglass fish taxidermy artist Greg Cassell at Taxidermy Florida Fish Mounts Fiberlass Mount Replica

Stingray Mount Back View

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