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Peacock Bass Fiberglass Taxidermy Mount Purchase Page By Artist Greg Cassell At Florida Fish Contact Us for Custom Fish Mounts of Your Catches

Peacock Bass Full Mount

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Transform your space into a showcase of natural beauty with our stunning Peacock Bass Mount, meticulously crafted by artist Greg Cassell. Crafted from a durable fiberglass cast and adorned with automotive-grade paint, this breathtaking replica perfectly captures the elegance and vibrancy of the Peacock Bass. Have you reeled in a memorable Peacock Bass of your own? Share your prized catch with us, and Greg will replicate it with unmatched precision, ensuring that every intricate detail is faithfully preserved. Shipping arrangements? No problem! Contact us today to discuss shipping options and any other inquiries you may have. Elevate your decor and celebrate your passion for fishing with a Peacock Bass Mount by Greg Cassell

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